We chose wood for our main material, both indoors and outdoors. It is ecological, durable, warm, gives natural – and very Finnish- feeling. Wood is also cosy and relaxing material and it's pleasant and warm for the touch.
For the bathroom and hallway we chose stone tiles, that have a soft feeling like beach stones do. And they are also non-slippery for the safety of our guests.
Interior Design is simplistic. We use both light and dark colours to give a mystical and spacious feeling at the same time. Shades used in decor are an interpretation of the polar night and lightness of midnight sun – coIours of the different seasons of Lapland. We want to give our guests an experience of warm minimalism with cosy Northern twist.
People and nature shape our environment. That is why we consider them with every choice we make. Our business is based the principles of sustainable tourism. We continuously search for new ways to do even better.
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