We proudly present our next-generation electric snowmobile safaris in Pyhä-Luosto!

Made in Finnish Lapland, our 'eSled Aurora' electric snowmobiles offer up to a hundred kilometers of range. Quiet and emission-free, our snowmobiles enable exploring nature in a new, sustainable way. We have been involved in developing eSled safaris from the start of our operations in 2019.

Choose from our adventurous eSled safaris

Nature Safari

An easy-going trip through the beautiful winter scenery of Pyhä, with time for photography, admiring nature, and breaks. Duration about 2 hours.
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Reindeer Farm Visit

A trip through snowy forests to a local reindeer farm, where you learn more about the traditional livelihood of reindeer herding. Duration: 2½ - 3 hours.
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Conquer the Fells

An adventure to the best views of Pyhä on top of the fell. Enjoy spectacular vistas and warm drinks. Duration: 3 - 3½ hours.
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Northern Lights Safari

A trip to the open fell landscapes, where you have the best chances to await the northern night sky's natural wonder, the northern lights. Duration: 2 hours.
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Safari to Husky Ride

A eSled adventure to a local Husky farm, where you can enjoy a thrilling husky sled ride and enjoy your time with the charming husky dogs. Duration: 3 hours.
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Safari to Lampivaara Amethyst Mine

A day trip to the Amethyst Mine in the heart of Pyhä-Luosto National Park. Uncover the mysteries of amethysts and search for your own lucky amethyst to take home as a souvenir. Duration: 5½ - 6 hours.
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eSled Ice Fishing Adventure

We travel by electric snowmobiles to a nearby lake for an ice fishing trip, where your guide will provide the best fishing tips and spots. Duration: about 3 hours.
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Northern ‘Sisu’ Adventure

Venture into the northern wilderness with our new generation eSleds. We cross lakes and marshes, circling the peaks of Pyhätunturi. Duration: 5 hours.
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