Discover the enchanting beauty of Pyhä with our range of eco-friendly activities, including silent electric snowmobile safaris, electric fatbike tours, and serene snowshoeing adventures. Capture the northern lights or bask in the midnight sun, and unwind with traditional Finnish sauna experiences. Join us for a sustainable journey through Lapland's pristine nature, where every activity is an opportunity to connect with the environment responsibly.

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eSled Safaris

Embark on a serene journey through the enchanting fell landscapes of Pyhä-Luosto with our eco-friendly eSled Aurora electric snowmobiles. Crafted in Finnish Lapland, these silent, emission-free vehicles provide a range of up to 100 km, enabling eight distinctive safari experiences. Choose your adventure and embrace the northern winter sustainably!
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Reindeer and Huskies

Meet Lapland's endearing and charismatic animals with a traditional visit to a local reindeer park or choose an electric snowmobile safari to a husky farm. These adventures offer an unforgettable way to encounter reindeers and huskies, making for a great family-friendly activity amidst the enchanting Lappish nature.
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Northern Lights and Lappish Nature

Immerse yourself in the magical fell nature of Pyhä-Luosto and its unique offerings. Our nature trips lead you deep into Lappish beauty, from northern lights hunting on eSleds to electric bike explorations in the national park. Snowshoe excursions, amethyst mine tours, and ice fishing on Lake Pyhäjärvi each offer their own unforgettable moments.
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Lappish Sauna and Kota

Indulge in relaxation and enjoyment at the Lappish Sauna World and Kota-Hut, set on the scenic Lake Pyhäjärvi shores. Experience four types of sauna experiences, including a wood-heated lakeside sauna and traditional smoke sauna, complemented by hot tubs. Savour Lappish culinary delights by the fire in a cosy Kota-Hut, surrounded by forest and lake vistas.
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Equipment Rental

Discover the Pyhä-Luosto fell nature independently with our comprehensive equipment rental. From kick sleds and ski packages to snowshoes and e-Fatbikes, we provide everything you need for your winter exploration. Guests can enjoy the serene fell landscapes comfortably and, for those staying with us, kick sleds are available free of charge.
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