Sustainable travel experiences and services at Pyhä

Our customers can choose from various emission-free activities at Pyhä with us and our partners. Our services include electric snowmobile safaris, snowshoeing and electric fatbike rental. Experience the unique Pyhä magic by cruising silently to a fell top or across Lake Pyhäjärvi with our eSleds.

We are among the first in The World: silent and emission-free E-sleds!

We’re proud to present an entirely new experience in nature: our electric snowmobiles will take you on a journey through nature – without a sound or a single fume. Sunday Morning Resort shares access to a fleet of eSleds which are built in Finnish Lapland and available in only three locations worldwide!

As our customer, you can choose from four different experiences

Nature Safari: easy ride, stunning landscapes. Plenty of time for photos, breaks and soaking in the natural beauty. Duration 1 ½ to 2 hours.

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Safari to Reindeer Park: We drive through snowy forests from Sunday Morning Resort to local Reindeer Park, where you can meet the reindeers and learn more about this traditional livelihood of North. Duration 2,5-3 h.

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Conquer the Fells: This trip takes you to the best scenery in Pyhätunturi. We ride across the frozen and snowy forests to the top of the fell. There is also a coffee break in the hut with open fire. Duration 3-3,5 h.

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Aurora Hunting Safari: We ride to the open area, where is the best chance to see the auroras - if we are lucky. Night sky with the stars is a phenomenon in itself! Duration 2 h.

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Explore the surrounding nature by bike

Pyhä-Luosto has a great range of bike trails that suit everyone from everyday cyclists to adventurous mountain bikers. Our guests have access to electric fat-bikes which make light work of even the most challenging trails.

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Relax in nature

Snowshoeing: is a great way to enjoy the outdoors by yourself, as you’re free to go anywhere you please. What’s best, you don’t need to spend a lot of time learning the technique or fiddling with the equipment. This easy activity is suitable for first timers, but the forests and fells offer great rewards for your effort!

Ice-fishing trip on Pyhäjärvi: join us on a winter day at the nearby lake Pyhäjärvi and enjoy a pleasant ice fishing tour. Enjoy the joys of a small-scale ice skating competition with your own group of friends without having to worry about transporting equipment. Our guide will help and advise you on different ice fishing techniques, while showing the best ice fishing spots. In addition to equipment, the trip includes warm winter clothes, guide service and warm drinks.

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