Sunday Morning Resort 

We joined the EU energy efficiency program in 2018 and took on extensive renovations and developments in our resort. Now, the energy use in our resort and apartments is highly automated. We reduce energy consumption by optimising temperature control and ventilation, among other things. We have installed a highly efficient management system that automatically regulates airflow and heat uptake based on carbon dioxide levels.

We are surrounded by six hectares of forest, which provides not only privacy, but also a significant carbon sink that absorbs approximately 22 tonnes of carbon every year. We even do our own snow removal to minimise our carbon footprint. We provide transport services for our guests with a new minibus, which creates lower emissions than taxi rides.

We are committed to cutting down our emissions from heating and energy consumption as much as possible while also being economically sustainable. We recycle 100% of our waste. All organic waste is composted and used in our veggie garden, which is fertilized exclusively with organic products.

Most of our heating comes from the ground underneath our resort through geothermal pumps. Multiple ASHPs help as well. We’ve also switched to using the highly efficient LED light sources and have equipped our kitchen with the latest and most efficient technology available.

Restaurant Aihki

We aim to produce and source our ingredients with the utmost care for the environment. We farm most of our vegetables on our own property. A great deal of the fish we use comes from Lake Pyhäjärvi. With the rest, we try to make sure that everything travels the shortest distance possible. This allows us to always have the freshest, most local ingredients we can have and generate the least amount of emissions from our food. We minimise food waste by preparing everything to order and according to your wishes, allergies and diet.

Our apartments and
services in general

Our linen is made with the best natural fibres and we do all of our laundry in-house. This allows us to employ locals directly and eliminate any emissions from transporting laundry.

We prioritise utilising the latest technologies in our services. Our customers have access to seven electric vehicle charging stations (type 2) as well as electric mountain bikes for exercise. We’re especially proud of our electric snowmobiles. Our eSled fleet comprises of two different generation of electric snowmobiles and they have been part of our operations since the beginning. We prioritise charging our sleds at night and will be using them as power points to mitigate spikes in electricity consumption: by offloading to the grid when needed, we’re further optimising our energy consumption.

We also have a network of partners that help us provide various outdoor activities in the Pyhä region. All of these services are emission-free. The closer your services are, the fewer emissions they create.

Experience Pyhä is 100% owned by the Loippo family. Our company works nonstop to promote sustainable travel in Lapland and we make it a priority to work with businesses that consider the environment and its wellbeing. For us, running a business isn’t only about profits, but generating shared wealth. Now and in the future, we are proud to be a Finnish family business.

Our staff is mostly made up of local people who understand and appreciate Lapland’s delicate nature. We produce most of our services ourselves and partner with local businesses for the rest. We create jobs that are suitable for life in Lapland, allowing for flexible schedules with fair wages and working hours. For our network of partners, we want to be a reliable, fair partner that’s easy to work with.

The unconditional equality of all people, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, convictions or gender is an essential cornerstone of our company. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.
For us, sustainable development is an ongoing process. There is always something we can do better, and we encourage ourselves, our staff and our customers to keep this in mind. We invest, learn and educate. Although technology allows new advances and increasingly better ways to protect the environment, we people will always be needed for change. Our goal is to promote development through people and actions.
Since we want to protect biodiversity on a larger scale, we also support various charities. One of these projects is Afstor, a solar panel system developed in Lappeenranta that aims to reduce the use of firewood in Africa. The system includes induction burners that provide energy for cooking as well as electricity for lighting and appliances, purely with solar energy and without emissions. As such, the system can reduce unnecessary deforestation and CO2 emissions while also improving quality of life for the local people.