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‘Polar Nights' Snowshoe Tour

Admire the northern starry sky deep in the fell scenery, far from light pollution - and perhaps also the northern lights if fortune favors you. Starting from 89€/person.
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‘Polar Nights' eSled Evening Safari

Hunt for northern lights on electric snowmobiles under the northern sky. The safari takes you far from light pollution, allowing you to peacefully observe the northern arctic night sky. Starting from 194€/person.
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Electric Bike Adventure in Pyhä Nature

On a guided electric bike safari, you will learn more about the northern national park's nature attractions, venturing along easy-to-navigate routes. Price 110€/person.
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Winter Snowshoe Trip in the National Park

Get to know the local area's most interesting nature attractions guided by our experienced staff, with warm beverages included. Trips on Mon & Fri from 16.00 - 18.00. Starting from 89€/person.
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Trip to Lampivaara Amethyst Mine

Hear fascinating stories about amethysts, local geology, the area's nature, and the formation of amethyst crystals amidst beautiful scenery in the heart of the national park. Starting from 145€/person.
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Ice Fishing Tour on Lake Pyhäjärvi

Our skilled guide will teach you various ice fishing techniques and take you to the best ice fishing spots.
Starting from 75€/person.
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Unforgettable Ice Climbing Adventure

In this thrilling adventure, you'll challenge yourself by conquering an ice wall in the beautiful northern nature.
Starting from 116€/person.
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