There is plenty of activities for the whole family directly at your door step. Our apartments location at the foot of the family slopes gives you whole range of opportunities to spend a nice day outdoors.
Pyhä Ski Resort has invested more on family activities in recent years. There is two ski lifts suitable for families and small children with easy beginner slopes. And both these are at your door step when staying in our apartments.

1. Huttutupa open hut

There is a brand new open day hut just 100 meters from Parkside Pyhä. Huttutupa is located at the center of the slopes, at the foot of the Huttu-Ukko ski area. You can use the hut when ever you choose and of course for free. Doors are open when the ski lifts are open (around 9.30-18 every day). Hut is heated, so it is warm inside. We recommend taking picnic with you and enjoy it at the hut. There is "kamiina", which is a stove heated with logs at the hut and also a open fire grill at the terrace. So you can grill for example sausage and enjoy the view to top of Kultakero Fell.

2. Toboggan

There is also new toboggan slope for kids very near Parkside Pyhä. It is located next to Huttutupa open hut. Take a toboggan with you and enjoy the ride with the family. Kids will love this :)

3. `Napakelkka`

Napakelkka means literally pole sleigh. It is traditional Finnish winter fun for the whole family. You should try it for yourself! You can find Napakelkka from the Huttutupa open hut.

4. Downhill Skiing

Downhill skiing has never been easier than from Parkside Pyhä. You can ski in and out of your own apartment, because the nearest lift is only 20 meters away! If kids are already used to go to ski lift by themselves, you can even stay at your own warm glass terrace and watch them ski. If downhill skiing is new hobby for your family, we highly recommend taking beginner lessons at Pyhä Ski School, which is famous for its´very qualified and professional skiing instructors.

5. Restaurant Huttu-Hippu

Nearest restaurant to our apartments is Restaurant Huttu-Hippu, located in the middle of Family Slope 1. Huttu-Hippu serves traditional Lappish food and Pyhä´s best pizzas and burgers as well. Nice stop for a lunch or cozy family dinner.

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