Embark with us on a journey back in time as we unveil the extraordinary tale behind Sunday Morning Resort, a place enriched by the beautiful Lappish handicraft and artwork that has captured the hearts of many since its inception.

Aamulehti and the Birth of an Idea:

When Aamulehti's CEO, Timo Laatunen, was eagerly searching for Lappish design ideas for their upcoming Pyhätunturi activity centre, it was a local banker who recommended wood sculptor Upi Kärri for the project. Upi Kärri joined forces with architect Antti Tähtinen, and together they laid the groundwork for Pyhäaamu (which would later become Sunday Morning Resort) by initially suggesting the construction of seven deadwood pine buildings.

The Main Lodge's doorhandle's are a beautiful remnant of Aamulehti's time.

Aamulehti (Finnish for "morning newspaper") is a Finnish daily newspaper publisher.

The Shift to Aihki-Beams and the Creation of a Signature Style:

Due to the high costs associated with deadwood pine, Upi Kärri proposed using Aihki-beams as an alternative. This innovative idea was born from collaboration between Kärri and Metsähallitus management to repurpose discarded large logs into square timbers. Kärri also championed the use of Aihki-boards to create walls and roof boards.

Upi Kärri's Masterpieces: The Kelokielo-lamp:

Showcasing his artistic prowess, Upi Kärri designed a breathtaking seven-branched chandelier - the Kelokielo-lamp - expertly crafted from hollow branches of deadwood pine. Larger versions of this remarkable lamp can also be admired in the resort's lakefront sauna today.

Smaller "Kelokielo" Sculpture at Sunday Morning Resort's Main Lodge
"Kelokielo" Sculpture at Sunday Morning Resort's Lakeside Sauna

The Construction Dilemma and a Skilled Solution:

Interestingly, no local wood carvers were willing to take on building what was then called Pyhäaamu, the future Sunday Morning Resort. The task was entrusted to Alajärvi's wood-carving mill, and a gifted individual from who skilfully hand carved all seven buildings with a single axe. After finishing the last building, he retired his axe by striking it into the wall, never to be used again - thus marking the completion of Sunday Morning Resort. 

Finishing Touches: Textiles, Artwork, and More:

Today's hotel at Sunday Morning Resort (formerly Pyhäaamu), along with its main building, cottages, beach sauna, and hut were built in 1990 by Aamulehti. Upi Kärri not only designed the stunning lamps throughout the resort but also crafted its fireplaces. Textile artist Annikki Karvinen created original fabrics that adorn the resort, while Pentik's reindeer blankets embellish rooms and bars. Atte Rantanen's artwork graces the corridors and rooms of the hotel, and wood carvings from Kemijärvi's wood sculpture weeks can be admired in the main building.

The origins of Sunday Morning Resort serve as a testament to the incredible Lappish artistry and handicrafts that imbue this special place with a unique soul and unmatched charm we know today. Every detail within the resort unfolds another inspiring story - an experience truly worth living.

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