E-sled is a new silent way to experience nature! We are one of the three operators in the whole world to offer this unique experience.
Temperature is few degrees below zero - just perfect winter. Sun is shining brightly to the frozen Lake Pyhäjärvi. Nature is very quiet, you can hear your own breathing.

We take e-sleds out of the garage of Sunday Morning Resort and start the engines with the touch of a button. You can't hear anything. It needs to be checked from the e-sled operation panel that the machine is up and running. With the touch of speed gas pedal, e-sled starts to move silently. And without any pollution or smell of gasoline. It feels groovy. E-sled moves quite fast and reacts to gas pedal quickly, but you still can't hear anything, no sound of engine.

We start our ride from the Resort and drive past the Lakeside Sauna to the frozen Lake Pyhäjärvi. What a brightness of the sun and views to the fells! We stop for a moment to enjoy the scenery and the silhouettes of the fells of the Pyhä. Our path is leading us to Soutaja fells that rise directly from Lake Pyhäjärvi. We slowly climb the fell to the top. There you can see far. There is Noitatunturi (Witch Fell) and Laakakero, Pyhä Ski Resort slopes look inviting. On the other side are the fells of Mairivaara and Savukoski.

We stop our sleds and just sit there. Silently and calm. You don't feel a need to talk. Nature persuades to be quiet and just admire the view.

On our return ride to the Resort we stop by at the Hut of Soutaja. We make an open fire and enjoy traditional coffee made in the campfire. It´s getting dark quite fast. Time to head back home and to the dinner already waiting us at the Resort.

We still have a ride through the Lake Pyhäjärvi left. Sun is setting behind Kultakero fell, coloring everything with pink, red and orange. On the other side of the lake Sunday Morning Resort´s lights are blinking warmly.

ps. if you are interested in E-sled safari, please contact We offer safaris also to customers not staying in the resort.

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