At Parkside Pyhä Apartments Pyhä-Luosto Natural Park is directly at your door step! Read the tips for a nice and easy hiking trip to near by Tiaislaavu.
Pyhä-Luosto Natural Park has several `laavu`, which is a resting place for hikers with an open fire and free firewood. These lean-to´s are very popular destinations for picnic or late night aurora watching. We recommend easy hike to Tiaislaavu, also suitable for kids. Tiaislaavu is located at the edge of Tunturiaapa, large swamp area. Well-marked trail takes you from Parkside Pyhä to Tiaislaavu in around 30-45 minutes (2 km).

At the Tiaislaavu you can find WC and Firewood storage. Firewood is already chopped, but you probably want to make couple of smaller logs in order to light the fire. There is an axe at the storage for the deed. Please be careful when using the axe! And after you have enjoyed the warmth of the fire and grilling the sausages (highly recommended!) please make sure that the fire has gone off completely. If you are making fire at the summer time, please make sure that there is no forest fire warning on at the time. In that case, making open fire is strictly forbidden.

You can find the hiking map here. Parkside Pyhä is located near Huttutupa (blue trail), at the foot of the ski lift. (Map: Metsähallitus.

Enjoy the hike through very old forest to Tiaislaavu!

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