Smoke Sauna, Wood Sauna, snow bath, fire place. There is quite many elements to the relaxing and refreshing experience.
One of the key essentials of Finnish way of life is Sauna. When there is a need to relax and refresh, Finnish people head straight to sauna. Sunday Morning Resort is no exception. We have several saunas at the resort, but also a exclusive Sauna world, located just at the shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi. We want to offer our guests an opportunity to relax and feel all the aspects of great Sauna evening.

Our Sauna-building is also made of traditional, hundreds of years of old pine logs and it is situated only few meters from the Lake. Scenery from the terrace is quite spectacular. You can see also the Soutaja fells rising straight from the Lake.

Our modern wooden Sauna for 10 people is warmed with local wood by our Sauna master. Just like is the traditional Savusauna i.e. Smoke Sauna, which takes several hours to warm. As a result you can enjoy very soft and relaxing spirit.

Complete sauna experience calls also time outdoors in the nature. We have a "Palju", which is hot tub, heated with open fire. At the Palju you can watch starry sky and with good luck also auroras! And of course enjoy our good selection of refreshments.

After-Sauna is also important part of Sauna experience. You can stay in our living room at the Sauna building and enjoy fire place, refreshments and good company.

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Our Sauna World is also available to guests outside Resort.

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