What to see and experience in the areas of Pyhätunturi and Pyhä-Luosto National Park during the Summer and Autumn time?

The Pyhä-Luosto area is full of different activities and service providers even in the summer and autumn time, and we decided to share activity tips with tourists with the summer and autumn holidays in mind. A summer holiday in Pyhä is the perfect choice for an active outdoors-man. During your vacation, you can experience Lapland's enchanting summer nature and enjoy the nightless night or midnight sun, as well as the breathtaking scenery of Finland's oldest national park, Pyhä-Luosto.

1. Mountain biking

Our first tip will certainly not come as a surprise to those who have enjoyed the area's cycling routes before - there are many different cycling routes in Pyhä-Luosto that are suitable for both beginning cyclists and also for mountain bikers looking for a challenge! Electric cycling is an easy way to get to know the area and the surrounding nature, cycling along the marked routes of the national park at your leisure.

Our Parkside Pyhä apartments are located right at the gate of the national park - so nature experiences await at your door. In connection with your reservation, you can also reserve electrically assisted fat-bikes.

2. Horse riding trip to the Soutaja fell

Another must-have activity for the summer is a horseback riding trip to the Soutaja fell, which consists of wonderful views, forest trails and great company! The trip begins with the preparation of the horses together with the safety instructions in the stables and riding area. After that, the riding adventure begins and you get to enjoy pure nature by traveling to the wonderful scenery of the Soutaja fell!

A horseback riding excursion lasting about an hour can be booked from June to September at:

3. Visit to Lampivaara's Amethyst mine

The third activity suggestion is a visit to Lampivaara's Amethyst Mine, which is located in the wonderful scenery at the top of Lampivaara, in the middle of Pyhä-Luosto National Park. In summer, you can walk to the mine along beautiful hiking trails. During your walk to the Amethyst mine, you can admire the trees, flora and animals of the national park.

On guided mine tours, you can hear about the geology and history of Lampivaara, as well as the formation of amethysts and related beliefs. The tours also include digging your own amethyst from the excavation area and a visit to a small stone shop, where you can buy amethysts as raw stone, polished and beautiful amethyst jewelry. Mine tours start every hour from Lampivaara's cafe. You can find more information about the mine and the cafe's services at:

4. Summer music festivals

The best and certainly the most famous musical events at the end of the summer are Luosto soi! and Pyhä Unplugged festivals. Both events are connected by the wonderful fell landscapes of Pyhä-Luosto, extensive musical coverage, midnight sun and wonderful summer days and evenings.

Luosto Soi! The festival offers a total of dozens of performances and works by more than 30 composers from all continents. In 2022, the Helsinki Chamber Orchestra and the Orchestra of Polytechnics will come to Luosto as orchestral guests. The annual Pyhä Unplugged in August brings the most loved artists to the wonderful outdoor stages of Aittakuru and Tajukangas in the middle of the unique nature of the fells. Among the performers of the 2022 festival are Ellinoora and the Von Hertzen Brothers.

And fortunately, Parkside Pyhä's holiday apartments are only a 1 km walk to Tajukankaa, for example, for Pyhä Unplugged visitors - you can see our accommodation offers during both festivals in our online store or by contacting and +358 50 543 6627.

5. Hiking in Finland's oldest national park

It's wonderful to go hiking in Lapland both in the summer and during the autumn fall and ruska time. For hiking, you can head to Pyhä-Luosto National Park, for example, where you will find good trail networks with signposts and fire pits. The national park in Central Lapland, which spreads over the areas of Sodankylä, Pelkosenniemi and Kemijärvi, is one of the oldest national parks in Finland, along with Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park.

You can conquer, for example, Noitatunturi, where the hiking trail (14.5 km) passes through Finland's largest gorge, Isokuru, and descends to the 17-meter Pyhänkasteenputous. You can get advice and guidance on the route from Pyhä-Luosto nature center Naava, located in the center of Pyhä.

6. Traditional summer sauna and an evening in the sauna admiring the nightless night

One of the most familiar Finnish summer traditions is undoubtedly the smoke and wood sauna and cooling off by swimming in the lake. Of course, a warm hot-tub and the midnight sun make a perfect sauna evening even more relaxing! They have the guaranteed elements of a successful sauna moment: a lakeside sauna, good company and great views.

Sunday Morning Resort's Sauna World is located right on the shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi. In addition to the gorgeous, modern 10-person wooden sauna, the Sauna World also offers a traditional Finnish smoke sauna. Especially heating-up the smoke sauna is a time-consuming and precise task. The result is includes very soft warm atmosphere that invites you to linger quietly on the sauna boards.

You can go directly from the sauna to the outdoor areas. Our Palju (hot-tub) is heated with wood and its water is always evenly warm. One of the best experiences is certainly sitting in a warm hot-tub, enjoying refreshments and admiring the night sky. You can book our Sauna World for an authentic Lapland sauna experience - more information and reservations: or +358 50 543 6627.

7. Lake day SUP boarding and kayaking

Pyhäjärvi's wonderful lakeside area also offers the opportunities for independent SUP boarding, rowing and kayaking trips - you can even rent the equipment directly from us! Ask more and book either by email: or by phone +358 50 543 6627.

We warmly welcome to enjoy your summer and autumn holidays in Pyhätunturi!

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